Come Home Baby! A dream!

Girl I woke up dreaming about you
I felt that warmth of your embraces
I saw those innocent cute eyes looking at me
I heard you cooing softly on my chest
I heard you whisper my name 
Baby come home! I'm walking alone
Sorry I couldn't hold your hand all time
Forgive me I didn't say what you loved to hear
Come home, I'll sing it in a song every night
Fill my room with that laughter; that jolly air
Come stay with me, embrace me,
Look at me with those same eyes
Kiss me, fill my life with love again
Because the nights are so long 
With you not my side.

Thoughts of you are haunting me
My shadows, they are running away
The walls, they are mocking at me
This mind of mine, it is going crazy
Come home, I'll count the stars with you
Spread your spell through the starry air
Dance with me to every beat.
I need you my love, Come home!

I sang the lines with dreams this morning
And has my day in a singing mode and mood
Or if it's not a dream, I'm afraid I won't dream again!
As dreams came in dreams but everything so as in dreams!