A journey unto Haven!

The weary days end with a view
Where, twilight stars paint the sky like her face,
Carpeted with irresistible buds of beauty;
It unveils the best time from his lonesome highways
To cushions his soul to fall in a beautiful dream.

A buzz or a beep on the phone is a cue,
That his heart is suddenly in an unusual pace,
Where joy finds its way to his heart to bury-
The murky tune of his lonely Fridays;
‘Cause a message from her is a zingy theme.

It was a dead room then, now anew,
His fingers, they run through the keys,
Delightedly creating an arpeggio;
 To his heart beats and a melody,
While he laughs, giggles and smiles;
All abound with joy.

On the wall, the clock ticks in harmonic rhythm,
And on his face, a joyous smile sparkles,
As he paints her lovely serene face in his mind,
And lays down for a journey unto haven,
Yet, to unknown and afar in his dreams!