Education System in Bhutan

Recently, a friend of mine asked me what I can say about the education system of my country. And here are some I can say. 

What are the good things and advantages of the Education system in Bhutan?
  • Free education; almost every child enjoy free education in the country. It would be great, if the country/government can continue to provide the free education for all times to come.
  • Quality education is given; teachers and the departments strive for the quality education.
  • Assistance for poor families to send their children to schools. HM scholarships and student loans. 
  • Scope for higher studies within and outside the country, children doing better performance in intermediate levels are sent to colleges outside the country  and colleges of the country.
  • Sustainable education; children are taught about the culture that they should promote and preserve. It also imparts the necessities of conservation of the natural resources and the their association with nature. Recently, it has been discussed that agriculture will be one of the subject in the schools. It would be of great help for the country.
  • Equal chances for every children to learn and excel; children of both poor and rich backgrounds get to study and learn. Less incidences of discrimination between the children. 

What are the disadvantages of Education system in Bhutan?
  • Teacher profession is NOT taken as a noble profession; the best students of the country are sent to other courses. Teachers are paid less than the other professionals though of the same grade.
  • Limited learning: smart classes are not prominent. There may be some smart classes but in most of the country places, learning sources are textbooks and teachers. Students are not exposed to social media and e-learning.
  • Limited courses are offered in the country; it cannot assist country development as the country colleges generates extra graduates for certain professions but a few for other course which needs a due importance. Certain aspects like Biological sciences are not given a due.
  • Curriculum and exam based education system hinders creativity development in children.
  • Curriculum is inconsistent; There are incidences like certain sections of children studying the revised textbooks according to the curriculum while some children in the remote areas with the same old textbooks without some new chapters.

What do you suggest for a better Education system?
  • Nobilisation of Teaching profession would be a great help if the education system can afford. Teachers are the main guidance towards children's learning and development. 
  • Expansion of colleges; colleges need to offer more courses so as to give as many as possible. Children need to equip with knowledge in many fields and graduates in varied courses will be better employed in their appropriate fields. It would also help in the solving of unemployment issues.
  • Curriculum needs consistency; A timely review of the system/curriculum is needed. With the newer curriculum, required materials and textbooks need to flush the country in all corners of the country.
***Opinions differ from person to person. It would be great to hear your opinions on the education system of the country and about my article.