A sledge!

I thought fun was bullshit and I would never push it
Until one day when I rode on a sledge and pushed it
I sat on it, gave  it a push and rode it through the bush
I cried whoopee, it went down and down with me on it in a whoosh.
Somewhere down the slope I feared it would make me roll
But it stopped me not from sledging down the knoll
Though it had my pant tore to a knee and I bruise
But exhilarating thrill laced with joy it gave
Glued my thoughts not to give a way to fear or I lose
And I heard my fear fly away to its cave.
Now I know it wasn't just a sledge I rode
But a souvenir from my bizarre days on young road
Those moments and the thrills;  I owned it
And now memory draws a smile on my face 'coz I've done it.