Living The Present!

That busy schedules of college life,
Which once I thought would be so light,
Counts to my end yet shape for times to come,
I am no studious man yet with the rising sun,
Loving friends wake me up before my alarm,
And do I walk to my class like a gentleman,
Yet my head says I am nothing of that kind.

The heat, that sweat, that dusty roads, they lead me there,
Where I have to rush for a seat beneath or near a working fan,
Lectures fly before my sleepy eyes with the coolant sound.
Had there been no Candy Crush  and Farm Heroes Saga,
I will be flat on the floor before it sirens for the end of the lectures.
At Eight at night I go for soccer where we battle over a bottle of drinks,
Every single day, I live the Present but I'm afraid it ain't no way to live,
That's my Living the present.