Friends, they do depart!

I cannot tell the precise moment when the ray of friendship beamed between us,
Those silly moments yet the best ones filled my mind every corner of it,
Like filling a vessel drop by a drop till the brim - so full,
It's those moments that we shared I cherish with the rising sun,
Sweet is the memory of those days when we were together!

Like the charming gardeners who make the garden bloom,
My soul blossomed with the best of our days along,
And I trusted and believed you with a hope of friendship,
Our friendship traveled through those messy days,
And came clean to that point of time when we walked our own ways!

Our new grounds couldn't be one like it always had been,
Mind colonized by our own dreams and different interests,
We walked to different grounds of our own with the age,
And had our friendship fall like the mellow rays of departing sun,
To darkness and separation yet had we chose our own ways!