Random pictures from early 2014

One beautiful night, on my friends birthday I gazed into the sky to see this one!

taken while on a night walk with friends

taken while returning from field work

a small mouse runs into my bag, and I had it in my cam

crows, they share one another

one beautiful morning, it gave me a chance to snap

it loves to move

a wild flower but beautiful

a small bird perched on bean stalks

perched on Napier grass stem

this bird looks innocent but are notorious; attacks pears, peaches, tomatoes, peas, bananas, plums, beans, and many more.....

a fallen prayer flag

a cat glaring at birds

the soup cover left by careless people are picked by a crow; some birds even die from the kite ends

probably waiting for humans to go away so that it can attack on the crops( in Bhutan)
similar bird in India

dove perched on a tree
in India

near a sunset, from my home

moon seen in the blue sky in the day time

a squirrel

 Flowers seen in some part of Bhutan