A trip to Leh, Ladakh

A tour; a travel for pleasure says my friend. With excitements heaping inside, we started our journey to Delhi by Doronto Exp at about ten and was there at Delhi with the breaking dawn. Jamia Hamdard University was our first stop where we were warmly welcomed by our Bhutanese friends studying over there. By One O'clock next afternoon, we were heading for Srinagar which we had to reach after changing three buses. 

The next afternoon, we were boating in the Dal Lake and freezing the moments in our camera. We were in the one of the rare floating markets then! With the dusk beautifying the market with golden rays of the ethereal lamps, the Lake was looking more magnificent.

Houseboats used as Hotels

The Floating Market on Dal Lake

By 5:00 p.m., we were tasting the Kashmiree foods which we had to savour with the hot chutneys. Nooon chai (salted tea) was another great thing about Kashmir. After an hour, we took rest in the Houseboat.  The next morning we hired a cab and headed for Leh.

Houseboats rented for the night.

The Shrinagar street as seen from the Houseboat.
The bridge that connected the park and the main street.

The majestic mountain ranges and scenic beauties kept us engaged throughout the journey. We were on the mountain tops, near the lakes, between the cliffs, sliding on the ice, through the tunnels, and so many more! It's still alive in me, the excitements I had of the journey.

a fresh river flows through the Valley


at Tololong

Almost at midnight, we were at Leh, Ladakh. With minimum penny in our pockets, we were looking for average hotels where we can rest and pay what we owe. However, Horzay Hotel let us stay with consession! 

The next morning, we visited the local monasteries and the places nearby.
Ladakhi building

Shanti Stupa

Leh Palace

Namgyel Tsemo Castle and the Goen Khangs

climbing towards Namgyel Tsemo castle

Mr. Tempa Gyeltshen, Mr. Sonam Wangyel, and Mr. Ngawang Gempo descending down from Namgyel Tsemo castle base!

Namgyel Tsemo pic 1

Namgyel Tsemo Castle pic 2

Then it was the Ladakhi foods that salivate me everytime I think of Leh! Momos, different kinds of thubs, Ladakhi chai, and the foods from around the world! Of all, Ladakhi Butter Tea (known as Suja in my country) was the best. It reminded me of my home, where we sip it like it should last forever and savour till the last drops!

A cup of  Ladakhi special tea: Ladakhi Butter Tea.

It is always the purse that runs short of money, otherwise we enjoy like it's the last day every single day! We were already with minimum amount and decided to head back for college. At 1 O'clock in the morning, we headed back to Delhi via Manali highway. Following are few scenes that took way to my camera!

After continuous travel for 34 hours journey, we were back to Jamia Hamdard college where Mr. Tashi Norbu and his friends welcomed us back! It was all their support and help that we (four of us) will remember for the times to come! We THANK YOU ALL guys! Thank You Very Much!

I don't know how to describe my journey but pictures would do a bit of helping and so did I add them here! Hope you like a few of them! :D