to my love!

I told them not to fall in love-my poor heart,and mind.
They’re filled with mutiny and denied my words:
My eyes see an angel in you and my mind; it thinks of you,
My heart, it beats with ethereal rhythms and sing a song,
That he has found an angel and when I sleep,
You come in my dreams with your spell bound beauty.

Winter has gone, summer awaits and the spring is here now,
It embroiders my motherland with promises and colours,
And fragrance that reminds me of you staying by my side,
In those days when my universe was alight with your gracious smile,
And warm words that filled my heart with love and mischief.

At times, I find myself smiling silently even when there’s no moon,
Because I know there’s that rose before me so beautiful,
Which I shall water it every day not to wither in the autumn or winter,
And my love’s same, the way I felt when I felt it the first time never to change.

Let summer come and bring me shower of your hugs or love,
And the days where you stand next to me to walk our miles,

To fill the world with the air of love and sweet dreams.