It was a dream so sweet as a tub of ice cream ..............

Those little things that you do mean a lot to me
Dropping goodnights in my inbox or call to wish a good day
It brings smiles and I feel you are close to me
Though you stand to type me kisses from far away.

My shadow on the wall dances to the restless beats
When I read your message facing the north and aloud 
That my heart yearns to embrace you through every leads
And I see you smile reading mine under the radiance of the love.

With smiles in my face I tune my guitar to sing
Strumming those strings of my rhyming feeling
And I hear you breathe softly after kissing the ring
Which I gave you under the golden ceiling.

With the eve embracing the dusk and swallowing the day
I saw in my dream she came for a moment to lay
She held me close to her bosoms and breathed softly
And I heard those angels flutter gently in her breath so lovely.

It was a dream so sweet as a tub of ice cream
But; I don't wanna dream if it remains a dream.