Where do you sit in your class?

Being a student, usually many have their own favourite spots in the class. Some prefer to sit in the front while some the back or the last rows. Some prefer sitting in the middle while some prefer those corners. Back at high school (Jigme Sherubling HSS), I used to sit at the corner and many a times teachers used to call me the corner boy when they wanted to ask me questions. I choose those corners as I found some advantages from my point/which were advantages to me while few friends preferred front seats to back and corner ones. They had their own reasons to sit where ever they wished to sit.
Now in college, I tried sitting in almost all rows and corner. And I discovered something interesting about it;

Advantages of sitting in the front
  • You can be more attentive
  • There is a very less chance that you will fall asleep in the class
  • Less chance of missing the lecture
  • Good view of the small writings that teacher write to explain you about the subject matters
  • More audible
  • You can make a better participation in the class being very near to your teacher
  • Better place to clear your doubts
  • So, in general pupils sitting in the front understand better the lecture according to their capacities.

 Disadvantages of sitting in the front rows
  • Chalk dust inhalation and dust allergic problems
  • Strain in neck;  hard time holding your head up to look at the power point presentations
  • Pain in the eyes; to direct your eyes at higher heights / levels
  • Always needed to be so disciplined
  • Easy for teachers to notice you if you are a naughty guy
  • Easy for spotting disciplinary problems, example; dress code

***The last three are not disadvantages if the student wishes to improve himself and be a better person.

Advantages of sitting at the back rows
  • Better view of the presentations with no sprains either to neck or eyes
  • Can sit and relax, and more comfortable
  • Better place to sit if you have some health problems (like back ache, cold etc…)
  • Better chances to participate in question answering, since many teacher assume back benchers are naughty ones and ask questions to make you learn better
  • You can take a nap if the teacher isn’t a strict one
  • Less chance of spotting you with naughty doings

***The last two are not advantages if you wish to excel in your studies

Disadvantages of sitting at the back rows
  • Audibility problems
  • Visibility problems
  • Greater chances of missing out some lectures
  • Greater chances of falling asleep while listening to lectures
  • Chances of ill treatments from teachers who take interest to the front ones ( rare case)
  • Poor learning

So, you as a student might have sat somewhere, why did you sit there? Some maybe sitting, why are you sitting? And some might sit in different places in the class. Why would you sit there? Share where you sit/sat and why in comments!