Please! Don't Walk Away My Angel....

Her unbound hair fluttered and cascaded in the cool air,
And her red long skirts billowed as she trod the stair.
The waft of scented air rushed through the cool air,
As I watched her descend like an angel with golden hair.
The wind blew me to uncover myself in wildest dreams,
But never had the wind a time to send me sweetest creams,
'Cause the lonely sun knew I wont be able to embrace the angel,
If I stood there and mused carrying her in my arms stiffened like a cudgel.

As I trace her curves with but my imagination,
A sharp twang laced my mind with compunction.
But my heart says she's the right one I should hold,
And make a life but my courage, I had it sold,
Left me with none to kneel and ask her hand,
But to shiver with buildup emotions where I stand.
Oh Lord of LOVE give me a spell to confront,
And make her see and feel by stating  to her upfront.

This cowardice in me smoulder my love astray,
And finagle me to stay mute and let her walk away.
But I ain't no giving up to let my angel walk away,
Let cowardice be breathed away  or I will slay.
No! Please don't walk away my angel on those cute red shoes,
With the red parasol held high weaving a blossoms in my hues,
Leaving me bewildered and without no clues,
Or else I remain be smitten and in the blues.