Life and Schedules!

Life is full of schedules! Wake up early in the morning and go for a jog or cook your breakfast or sit for a prayer. Or prepare for your morning classes! Following the same schedule everyday seems monotonous yet to make a life out of it. However, I thought to make a difference in it. Recently, I'm into photography. There are a lot to learn in many fields yet I chose Photography. There are a lot in itself to learn.

Following are some of the photos recently taken as amateur work:
my new roomie

say 'cheeze' 
probably a water tank
I tried to capture the moon but it came like this...:D

another one...:P

And a better one..:)
a moth

Life ain't just living. We consider many things to live. Still want to follow the same schedules? Yes but with a bit of change as and when needed. What else do you consider? Following are some we consider about according to Luke Simmons in life: 
1.     Prioritize what energizes you; sleep, prayers, exercise, etc…
2.     Prioritize your irreplaceable roles
3.     Consider your season of life
4.     Discern between good opportunities and Spirit-led calling
5.     Take responsibility for your choices
6.     Don’t just think about daily – think weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually too.

And what else do you guys do? As a change in the plans?