That Ceiling Winked At Me!

A fresh morning made me so eager that I felt I can jump into the sky to watch the world below me. The nearby pines sang its secret songs in the soft wind and the birds flew high happily. The golden slants of morning sun from between the whistling pines healed the wounds in my heart and those broken sentiments.

I moved on listening to their songs and watching the happy birds sing under the happy sky. I followed the glitter from a nearby pond which smiled on me with the sun’s glow. And sat on one end to watch the fishes swim gleefully. It was a perfect spot where I could see the golden fishes swim with the golden slants making to the bottom of the pond. A thought crossed my mind; 'someone must be sitting here'- the trails of cute footprints clearly confirmed my thoughts.

                                                                        *  *  *
Having set her cattle for grazing in the greens, Wangmo walked down to the lake for her daily bath. Her golden hair wafted in the air as she played her elegant hops and whistled in the cool piney shrubs. An eagle sat on her spot; a rock which just stood on the north of the meadow, and eyed for the little fellows. Wangmo finally set on and wandered in the warm meadow playing with her loved hair.

                                                                         * *  *
Water lily (an image from google)
As I sat watching into the pond, an image; a reflection on the water amused me! Like an angel she was there next to the pink lily on the opposite end of the pond. She was about to pluck a lily when I suddenly startled her.

"Nooo..." I shouted because I did not want her to pluck that beautiful flower to meet a similar fate with the trashes in the bin. She hysterically threw her hands into air and slipped into the pond!

"You frightened me, why are you here? Nobody comes here. This is my pond" she told me as I hold her waist in the pond! I was so very fast indeed! I said nothing but stared at her cute face for a long time which blushed her even in her wet angry face.

                                                                       *   *    *
My hostel stands just a few yards away from the highway. Every night, screeching and horns are the frequently heard sounds! As the hostelers settle to their bed the nocturnal drivers begin to pass via the highway and plays their screeching and horns as and when they meet something in the way.

"Proaaaaaaaaaamp....aaammm...................proaaaaamp" a trucker just horned as he rushed through the lane but a confused dog swayed in the lane.  A bizarre encounter brought the truck to a screeching halt.

                                                                       *    *    *
her pink lips (an image from google)
As I just stared at her, "Are you gonna just stare or take me out. I need to dry myself" she told me. I said nothing but looked into her beautiful eyes and closed my eyes as to place my lips on her lush pinkish lips and drew her closer. I just saw her lips glowing like the lilies!
"What are you.......proaaaaamp................prooaaamppp!" I heard her say.
"What?" I was puzzled!
"Proaaaaaaaaaamp....aaammm...................proaaaaamp".... the eerie horn and the harsh screech woke me from my dreams!

As I smiled and began to close my eyes to take another round, the ceiling winked at me!!