The Girl at the Liquor Shop...

“Hey, pour me more wine” a man demanded. The girl at the bar wasn't surprised by his rudeness. It has so become a part of her life selling wines and liquors and then listening to hilarious stories and rude remarks. Since her parents left this world, she was all alone and she had to go through many unthinkable situations alone.

Choden silently walked away to another table to collect wine glasses where only few glasses stood and the rest either on floor or the basins. She bore all such mischievous sets of ill-mannered actions and rude remarks as she had nothing but to sit and sell the rest of the liquors in the bar of her late parents. She waited for long to do some other works but never succeeded in getting one job.

Betrayed by fate and time, she sat on the tool with the fourth leg broken by a fat rowdy fellow who threw at the counter desk the earlier night and read the sign board which hung above her door. It read, ‘Jamba’s Bar and Liquor’. The flower garden couldn't flourish despite her timely care and the roses withered away! Karma, her dog sat near her, wagged his tail to droop between his skinny hind legs and watched his mistress with his wet eyes. The peach tree near the kitchen garden shed all blooms and greens leaving a crooked skeleton on which only the owl sat to give an evil smile in the dusk.

As she sat on the broken tool the twilight turned to dusk and to dark. The moon shone over the cool vale certain loneliness crept through her. The drunkards and the sad, hooligans and youth, old and young, none showed that night. She sat lifeless! A tear rolled down her bony cheeks and fell on a grey lower that wrapped her like a scarecrow. A man grinned and went inside closing the door to cold balcony of a building which stood face to face with the bar. And a mouse came out her hole and deserted the bar.

A few thousands didn't assure her to leave her old bar yet she needed to scan her brain for injuries and get the medications done! However, with the first crow of the rooster neighbours, she trudged towards the south on foot. She cannot use a penny on her journey or else be a futile journey.

Before the breaking of the dawn, she neared half of her journey and she walked through the streets. Suddenly, a dog barked from the shade of a store. Soon, stray dogs began to chase her astray. The residents hardly heard her cry muffled by the howls. Zangmo, the saleswoman found her surrounded by dogs; her pants torn, legs bleeding, and weeping horridly. She shooed the dogs and reached her to the hospital. She needed blood! (to be contnd...)