His Little Buddy!

With a long sigh he closes his file and crawls onto his dreamy bed
From next doors he hears bombing farts by funny friends. 
As he sinks into the soft magical pillow which embraces his head 
The lonely ceiling soon steals his glance as he slips into trance.
Suddenly a mouse runs as to dance in the marble floor or aghast
He turns to his left with a smile drawn on his face like a summer morn
Or the smiling moon that embraces the cool night and darkness that it outlast
And those little starry eyes meets his curious eyes as a buddy lorn .
He watches keenly the little brother amuse him with its business
Running from one corner to another as to recreate the huge buddy
And the business has a trace of hunger that wins his tenderness
Where he keeps a piece of cake from next breakfast yet he feels its daffy.
That's how they conjure their lonely nights with friendship
Between a little mouse and a lonely man who lives in a kip!