".....but thanks to the lord. He has saved her!"

The sky grew darker with the storm cloud and the doves flew away to nearby trees. The tiny insects ran down their houses and holes. Springs began to flow from many places and people sat before the hearth for warmth while some murmured muffled prayers looking out the windows. Mothers began to worry about their children in schools and their husbands who left for work to different places. It alarmed their hearts but to panic.

Thinley started to pack his tools and reached it inside his store. He closed the door behind him, locked his store and hardly did he come home when it started to rain.  It began to rain heavily and Thinley ran with an old raincoat to check the drains which was fifteen minutes’ walk uphill. After two stops, he arrived at the spot with his heart racing. As he removed some of the logs, his lung forced out some coughs! Gravels and sand water erode the wall of the drain and the frogs and toads leapt out from the brown water and vanished into the bushes. He walked slowly back to his house but before reaching there a lightening flash blinded him and the next moment he just heard was a loud thunder and was thrown away. The cypress was split into two till half and a white line ran into the roots.

Down there near a River, a fisherman sensed danger and went to his usual hiding; a cave few yards away from the river. He lit prepared a small fire and sat before it drying his clothes.

On the third day rain stopped and the sun shone his vale a smile. Small birds came out to pick insects and flew back to their nests to feed the young. Thinley, though in bad condition due to the last incidence he scheduled to move back to his main residence where his mother-in-law and his son were staying. His wife Pema packed few stuffs while Thinley tied the animals in the shed and fed with huge amount of fodder on their respective places which would feed the animals at least for two days. At ten in the morning, they headed north; to their home. His body shivered and his feet trembled as he followed her uphill.

At eleven, they reached to a road which was just few meters below their house. They followed the road and walked with happy sighs. But, a new spring had their road cut and they couldn’t continue to their residence. As they squinted for their residence, a huge blast was heard. Black cloud of earth swallowed his house and flooded down the slope to the valley where herdsmen kept their cattle.

Pema fainted at the sight as she had her son and old mother inside that house. It was almost for sure that they were flooded along with the house. And Thinley had a tough time controlling his own emotions and holding Pema, who in panic walked towards the brown running spring which cut them from home again and again in attempt to go after her son and mother.

                                                                            *  *  *
Dorji, aided by her cane/stick, went out to the drains to check it and her grandson walked by her side curiously. He began to clear the throat of the small drain which got blocked whenever it rained heavily where some stones got caught in it. She smiled when the small kid made a remark; “I’m gonna get it right soon. Let Apa come here”, "He will make it wider."

She was watching him do the work when she heard a “boom” and told the young boy to stand against the wall. “Daza, come here fast” she repeated again and again but he hardly heard it when the flood washed away their home a meter away from his back. He stood frozen with his eyes wide open! Trees, rocks and earth moved down towards them like an angry snake! And he had n idea what was next! 

                                                                          *  *  *

Yongba ran to his cowshed just to find it smeared all over with fresh earth! He couldn't believe his favourite cows, the "Yangjaan", and "Tshejaan" gone. They were the two from ten who gave maximum liters of milk every day. He untied all others and walked few meters to see if he could see. He knew not the numbers of cows in his herd. He kept on moving till he was surprised by the familiar pillars. Few meters away, a white thing attracted his eyes. He walked over to that place and saw a thigh, just a thigh of a human. And the next thing he did was; "OMG! Ani Dorji, what has happened to you?" He cried! And he just pulled out that!

                                                                         *  *  *
At Six in the evening, Thinley and Pema arrived next to the place where their home stood. They saw nothing! Everything was lost except a bag of sand which was to be used in widening the drain. Tears rolled down his cheeks and consoled Pema that everything has gone but they have one another. They sat on the wet ground and wept after their loss; son, mother and everything! But something told her that its going to be alright. Pema murmured, "I feel they are aright", "look over there, search them. Please!" She sobbed.
                                                                        *  *  *
The old granny got him from his collar and ran towards the wall. Hardly did they stood against the wall when the second rush of black muddy water ran over them. They crawled out to the other side like wild boars. And saved themselves!

They walked in mud and took shelter in a small hut which was half an hour walk from their residence that had been used by one of a nomad who left with his herd of sheep the earlier month to higher places. They didn't dare to find water and bath. The small son stood near the door and watched the place where their home which was flooded away an hour ago. He missed his parents. The old granny sat on the only plank at the corner of the hut and began to say her prayers. Both feared that they might have to wait for long as on both sides, rivers growled with hungry boulders! They just couldn't wish for an immediate help!

Daza's face began to leak as the sun descended behind those tall mountains in the west! But with the twilight, he saw someone moving at the site. "Granny, finally they are here" said Daza and ran towards the two.
                                                                        *  *  *
Both Thinley and Pema listened as the footsteps neared them. They were looking at each other with 'are-you-also-hearing-that-look'.  Soon the son called out loudly, "Ama! Apa! I missed you" and ran towards the two! He hugged her tightly and happy tears ran through their smiles! Thinley stroke his son gently and enquired, "where is grandma son?" 
"She is in that hut over there. Lets go over there!" and he led his parents happily to the hut. They followed him without asking any further question!
                                                                        *  *  *
A week later as they sat on a flat boulder, Yongba shared to Thinley about the loss about his favourite cows and with a humorous smile, he said "Man, I thought that our Ani was dead. A banana tree looked exactly like a persons leg. Since she is the only one living up there. I thought she was dead but thanks to the lord. He has saved her!"