Blessed Rainy Day in Allahabad!

the first three karis
Back in my place, everybody must be drunk with enjoyment and wines! Some might be celebrating their victory with glasses after glasses while few drunk to earth and dancing with intoxication! While some youngsters might be returning from their picnic spots with a big smile and older ones enjoying watching the kids play cheerfully with their white beards! I miss being at home! But thank you friends for making my day wonderful. To bask in your companion was great and brought me back to this very Allahabad! 

Another kari
Though not like back in our country, we had a great time today. Bhutanese boys gathered in one room and had "Thub" and Tea session together after a grace! By afternoon, some of us gathered for "Khuru" match while sadly some went for other fields as khuru wasn't enough for all men! Some played soccer while some remained in their room chatting with parents, relatives and friends in different places via different social medias! 

Like most of the matches back at home, we also had it on "Tashi Gey"! Though I couldn't play that well, my team won the match with three games of the five! Mr. Karma Wangdi, our new guy here was the man of the match with two dobjis  and many more karis while others were also not so far! With the dusk we wound up our last rounds and headed for the streets where we rejoiced ourselves with some drinks! 

Tonight we are having dinner together! Though we are away from our homes, we are strengthening our already existing culture to share and live as a family with toasts and sharing one another as brothers. Sadly girls couldn't join it as they had girl related issues as every where in many college hostels. 

"My Lord, Thank you for the Wonderful Day!"