Writing Assignments at the Last Minute is FUN!

On the day I get some assignments, I just think of the submission date! And rarely about the sources I'm gonna use and when to write! I FIND myself lost in many laughable events; playing Facebook while the teacher is giving lectures in the class, looking through the windows and watching the birds flutter off the ground, the various walking styles of the passerby, and many more! Do I really learn anything?

Back at hostel, I just get into watching movies, BIG BANG THEORY series, cartoon series, some novels, playing guitar, listening to country songs, gaming online, and sometimes wandering into my wildest dreams! Sometimes, I hardly know when the sun just sets and the night ends. There's a change in my biological clock!

When the dawn smiles, it's my time to go to bed on Saturdays! Those are the most exciting nights; chatting with my friend across different places and exchanging nonsense but hardly important talks!

And the next morning, it's my fun time giving a ride to my pen like running out of a hell. Surfing, copying, jotting, shading, fiddling with pen and pencil at times, and then rushing to class on Monday like a dog chasing me! That's fun unless I can complete it in one day! THAT'S THE BAD HABIT I LIVE WITH! I plan to change yet;
"Old Habits Die Hard!"