Midterm Break!

Having done with the midterm examination, my mind is much relaxing but totally in an crooked way. Everything has changed! Even the biological clock! I sleep at the time I used to wake up when not in holidays. Never had such a life before. I dunno how to describe- it's crooked but seems awesome sometimes :P

We had a plan to visit those historic sites like Agra, Varanasi and so on but with the change in the plan some are there in Delhi or elsewhere whereas I and half a bunch are here enjoying almost every moment in a crazy manner; 
  • come out in the ground and play a league/ tiger five in the middle of the night
  • go for a walk at very odd hours, so late or early- at 1 or 2 in the morning
  • close the room, lights off, woofer and loud sounds on, and watch movies like a ghost
  • or go to the city for movies and return at middle of night
  • walk in the corridor and chat with nocturnal friends over other places when others are snoring under their warm blankets
  • go for a tea session in the canteen and discuss nonsense over those cups of tea at midnight
  • or begin preparing noodles or fast dishes with the speakers on, so loud and but enjoyable
  • sleep with the dawn or go for a match-soccer with reddening eyes
  • tune some blues with the five-strings guitar :(
  • and likely, a good day sleep-rarely goodnight sleep :D
It has never been so amazing being in a college and do everything but whole lot a in shitty way. Now the time has run so fast, I have nothing but to muffle "Oops" into the cool dusty air of Allahabad and prepare for another run; a sickening schooling( not always ) after a vacation.
friends caught in the act; running after the ball

playing footsal in the basket court in the middle of night

Thank you friends for the laughter and joy you brought onto me. I will treasure the moments with you every time. :)