Life, a man in an unborn dream

He lived a life moping around like a drone
A wealthy life rich with selfishness, worldly treasures
And luxurious radiance of glory that refrained him to frown
He had a time to savour his finest wines with the kings’ pleasures.
With his formulated chances and underhand calculations
He achieved name and fame in his timeframe and span
But now when it’s time to celebrate with jubilations
An illness lull him to bed giving him a greatest stun
Calling that dull night in every dart of fleeting hours
Like the flash of lightening before the showers.
His eyes struggle for a glimpse of that good light
Exasperated like a crippled bird on battling for her flight
And now he prays oft with remorse and tears that he become a man
To fill those good hours with wise good deeds like many great men.