Let Our Lives Blossom and Wither Away BUT Let’s Leave the World a Good Story…

Hey Baby I can’t take you to stars and moon,
But I promise I will take you to the mountain,
When the sun greets the vale with gold or by late noon,
To show you the vale that lets us sustain.
I can’t give you those charming galaxies or the sky,
But I promise I will be there to watch the clear starry sights,
By your side or holding you close to my heart so comfy,
And to dine and conjure wondrous nights.
I can’t bring those stars and moons for you but flowers,
That charms and enlivens our lives with divine showers.
I can’t take you to heaven but I will keep you happy on earth,
I will make you smile when you feel sad and bad keeping you close in my heart.
Let our lives blossom and wither away but let us leave the world a good tale,
That a happy couple once lived in this vale.