there's always a choice.....choose the right one

Singye’s heart lifted with the beauty of vale. The setting sun has made the vale glow gold. The only river meandered, and the pure cool air rushed to clean the warm air around setting them for a real pleasure.

Arms wide spread in the air they took a long deep breath with eyes closed. Upon opening his eyes, she smiled and headed for the beautiful garden next to her car shade. She went ahead leaving her hair to cascade softly in the cool air which kept him mesmerized.  “Wow, she is gorgeous.” She was his best friend Wangmo.

Slowly the night swallowed the noisy town and the sky fell to earth. And as anticipated Wangmo’s automobile crawled out from the shade and parked before his building. The engine stopped. A head popped out the window and called out. “Singye, are you free? Come with me tonight.”

On the way she told him that they were going to have a great time! As she tells him that, his mobile phone rang in vibration mode. He had to attend to it rest of the journey to a hotel and couldn’t afford to ask where they were actually going to do. She motioned him to drop out and showed a door. It was an unusual place. Singye had had never been to the place before.  The room was filled with colours. He was uncertain of the night. He hated visiting hotels at late hours since he had a bitter night few years back while with his only friend who was a fraud. He was beaten badly that it lasted him a month in a hospital. He feared the night itself. Zangmo, a girl with whom he had been in a relation that year didn’t turn up even to say ‘hi’ in his bad times. He was just a spare boy then. Thence, he had never been to any hotels late night, almost avoiding a sight of it too. He would walk away with his teeth clenched almost crushing themselves whence he saw any hotels. ‘Coz it was them who betrayed him and taught the bitter part of the life.'

Someday he spent his time thinking how an unthought-of date changed the course of his life; from unknown and undesired to friendly and familiar world where everything seemed at peace. In his green heart, Zangmo entered with fertile words and warm actions which diverted the flow of his ambiguous river of life and then left a barren one which he struggles to exist.  Once he got a letter.
It read;
"Hey, this is a small chit flowing directly from my heart and these words are the speech which I’m unable to bring out through my mouth, so I just thought to jot it down.From this world of reality, slowly I enter another small world. I do not have the idea if it is real one or just an illusion but then I really enjoy in this world; the world of love, a universe where I rest in peace, smile from within, dance in enjoyment, scream with satisfaction, and laugh with pure happiness in heart. It is a new world but the most loved for me.I have started to believe in the things once I cried “It is impossible” or such a thing doesn’t exist but I fear that the tears may be compelled to drop from the eyes you taught to dream; the eyes, you showed the world with lens of love. I fear you may leave my hand with the other people, when they turn themselves from me.But, I’m confident enough that you won’t cause such a thing to me. I feel you will be able to stand near me whenever I need. I don’t think I’m committing any sin when I say you belong to me, I share your universe and I have a very strong unreasonable feeling towards you. I hope it won’t disturb you when I say I miss you when you are out of my sight, I like to spend time alone thinking about you. I hope it won’t hurt when I say I’m happy to be in the dreamland you have created only for us, and our love exists. To sum up, I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, and I LOVE EVERYTHING OF YOU.I just thought of dropping few words on this page. Anyways enjoy the dinner and show. Watch the movie with great interest and happy weekend.With much love and care.P.S. A bird living in a pond will fly away when it dries up but a lotus in it live and die within the pond. That’s the commitment I promise in our relationship."

He believed her yet he had to discover that everything that mentioned in the letter was just a letter nothing to do with his life rather a lie that gave a bitter hole in his heart later. It made him weak. He hated relationships then.

His lifelong affinity for bachelorhood after a bitter experience was shaken somehow…aggravated by an unexpected encounter with Zangmo that night. Somewhere within him urged him to run back home. However, she pulled herself towards him and forwarded her empty shivering hand to him. Promptly he looked back as if to run away from a setup yet he gently reached for her hand and wished her a good evening. She kissed on it and she had to express inexpressibly begging pardon.

Silently Wangmo ran down the stairs and comforted herself in the van. She almost ran her van back home when Singye rushed back to the van shortly after her. He got in the van and fastened the seatbelt sitting mute and lifeless. The van snaked through the street and sped back to their place in rain with both of them silently looking forward to the blank road. Singye went home without saying a word leaving her to go on her own to her place.
The door shut immediately after him and banged hard as if to tell him something bad is coming! From his old but clean and fresh fridge, he took out his finest wine and savoured the night with a glass of it luxuriating himself in reveries.

A ground of his sleepy eyes was filled with the images of Wangmo and Zangmo too! His anchor axis of imaginations and reasons almost failed him in choosing the right girl. Loneliness lengthened by bitter incidences, he staggered the night with wines. Those lonely hours made him realize he needed a friend who would always be there for him. The yolk of his conception and visualization failed to organize his reasons to select one which would be there for him always.

The valley lit up so late that he had to look at his watch cursing the time every now and then.  In the evening immediately after reaching home in the second day after the incidence, he drove his pick-up truck and headed to a bar and emptied a bottle of whisky along with a can of apple juice. He smiled with his eyes heavy with the whisky and began to pour out himself as if to wipe out those marks in his sentiment. His energetic face replaced by a horrible grimace expected none to interfere his night. He needed none!

The next few days passed without exchanging a word. Everything was in order yet the hunger in them to see each other told them it wasn’t yet their hopes were demeaned by the incidence and both weren’t happy. Every day, they sat on their rotatory chair and did nothing special other than thinking about the recent inc
ident.  Both were present in the office yet didn’t dare to exchange a glance. Till that day, they never realized they were in love.

On the Thursday morning, Singye waited for her to come out. As soon as she did, he ran to her and told he was in love with her. His crazy eyes made her blushed. “I’m glad that you said that but……..” “Shhh… I don’t want to hear anything.” We are not going to work today, I have called our boss that we will be absent till coming Monday. We are going for a trip.” They hugged one another and ran back to their own rooms to prepare for the trip.......