A Man And His Last Day!

The little happy birds and sparrows danced in gay
But the lawn near his block looked brown today
While the scene took him to a walk in the drizzling air 
That charmed him to walk a mile and find his lair
He wiped his face, sat down on the edge of a sunken barge
That sat on the river bank with old clothes and serge.

He began to sing his unsung songs in unknown way
And threw the emptied bottle into the river and watched it sway
While a young man watched him do so; he was on his voyage
The vine bottle  bobbed up near the anchor of the bridge
And a fisherman yelled at him puzzled with an eerie tone
While he; betrayed by confidence and time was left alone.

He walked forward with his heart all in pain
 And dove into the brown water never to see again...............