A Journey to My College 1

The morning wasn’t so good to start our journey yet we had to. The gloomy rainy morning unwillingly favoured us to reach Phuntsholing, where we boarded the train after a tiresome wait out. I could see excitements and enigmatic smiling faces. And leaking faces too!

 “Can you pass me that bag here?”, “I think I need that for its safety”. All friends guffawed at her. Sonam gave a sheepish smile and settled for the journey. Here unlike many countries, travelling in train is a safest way to travel. Soon we got engaged in narrating our own stories; humour ran among us and the chamber was filled with laughter. However, Loden remained mute watching through the small ventilator in the stuffy corner of the chamber with his nostalgic eyes saying he misses someone/ something. He was weeping, in his heart. I could do nothing to solace his soul.

On the other hand, Soenam was humming with headphones intake. Probably, he was excited to reach the new college, our going-to-be virgin home, for four years.

The tunnels were lit bright and the traffic was managed well. The Wang tunnel which opens at Dangse, a small town near Dochula seemed extremely refreshing. The busy tunnel is ever alive with bullet trains moving into two directions. People are busy in their own ways. At noon, we arrived at Dangse. The open air welcomed us with fresh scenery of wildlife sanctuary next to the town. Every passenger loved to travel the Wang tunnel not only because of the beautiful tunnel but the sanctuary that refreshes them. People forget their tensions whence they have the scene. The shadowy truth remained unannounced yet every people felt the same.

“Oh! See that thing!” Gempo motioned to the magnificent tower, the Wang Kachim, located on top of the Dochula pass, immediately after crossing Thimphu. It stands erect magnificently on the hill top. It is one of the Wonders of the World. Wang people talks about the tower wherever they visit. They are very proud of the Wang Kachim, which was built in the year 2020-21. It was their unanimous assistance to government that succeeded in building it.  The grand face of the tower which faces towards west shines bright in the evening which reflects the sunlight to Wang valley. Due to this, Wang people enjoy the extended day. It has become one of the hot spot, a tourist attraction. From all over the world, every year, thousands of tourists visit Bhutan especially to visit this tower and goes back reluctantly to their home. Like everywhere in the Bhutan, Wang people are rich in hospitality and kindness.

A sudden rush of the another beautiful thing, a fusion of Taj Mahal and Tashi Chhoedzong which stands exactly where the early Wangdiphodrang Dzong stood, diverts the busy eyes of the people in the train. The fortress was destroyed by a fire in the year 2012. Namgay squinted leaving his camera to dangle on his weak neck. He puts on a goggle and smiles fully satisfied with the scenes. Immediately he recoils to take a snap of the fortress but Soenam insists him to take a picture of him with the fortress at the background.

Soenam adjusted himself a peculiar pose and said, “I’m ready”. Suddenly, the train ran into the Puna Tsahngchu tunnel, it would open only at Trongsa. The journey became more interesting when an Englishman just got in the same chamber from Puna Tsangchu station. He has a passion in music. He didn’t tell us so but his body slouched with musical instruments did. The train began slowly again from that station.We exchanged our intros for few minutes.  The Englishman invited his newly met Australian friend who believed mountain climbing is his life. Soenam and Gempo, who were also interested in the music, played some tunes and few popular old songs with guitar. The Englishman sang his own song from his album, the Dark Lady. The song unlike many sung songs, it was an ingenious song which described his love for the lady. It was purely angelic and of pure love. The compartment was in a full swing all filled with happiness.......................
                                                                                     *  *  *
The tunnel finally opened at Trongsa which greeted us with a warm fragrance of the recent drizzle. Since it was my first time being there I was amazed and excited to be in the historic place of our country. It holds a Dzong; Trongsa Dzong which dominates the other architectural structures in the area and the name. It looks simply magnificent dwarfing the other structures and seems impregnable with its awesome architecture. It was a seat of power for the Central and Eastern Bhutan during the times of our first and second kings and their forefathers........