My University ID Card

On Thursday morning, Sonam and I, went to the Proctor's office to get our IDs and our IDs didn't fail to surprise us. 

In the beginning of the year, we submitted our recent photographs yet the new ID cards came with the old photos! Sonam gave a displeased smile as I looked at mine! But to Laugh as soon as we were outside the office.

It was our ID and we wore it to head for class! But I kept my ID hidden inside my front pocket because the photo just looked like of someone who has been accused of some crime and were shying off the camera! It was stretched from both the sides and compressed from bottom and top! The photo just looked different than mine! 

It was not just the Photo, there were some more! As I just turned the ID to look the back part as we waited for the Professor to enter our class, friends sitting around laughed aloud when it read the similar mistakes. Tenzin said, "wai wai....mala na otha ID ba...." It brought cackles and giggles as I read to my friends!

My ID says,
I am a Day Scholar staying in Internatiional Hostel. Nationality Bhuatan and from Bayphy Khaling. Omission of punctuations and writing wrong spelling even for 'International' seemed hilarious. I thought this is a laughable issue. What do you say???