Save the animals!!

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Forget about those countless insects and flies that we kill unintentionally or with intention, most of us consume four to five eggs per day and a much of animal produce!

Think for a while, count how many chickens are being killed for you every day and then think about how many chickens are being killed for the world population! And then, think the same with meats that we consume! Think also about the animals that die for our diet, which we cruelly claim as good diet. You will either be surprised or become sick if you really think on it!

We complain our food without chicken or beef is tasteless! And almost none of us think about the lives of the animal that we take one way the other! To quote the long-time vegetarian Paul McCartney's famous remark: "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian", almost all people would be vegetarian if we humans are to see the scenes  that happens on factory farms and at slaughterhouses, where animals meet a frightening, bloody end!

“At slaughterhouses, chickens are often scalded to death, and pigs are repeatedly stabbed in the heart as they scream out in pain. Cows, goats and sheep have their throats cut – often with dirty, blunt knives – in front of their terrified companions. Many are skinned and dismembered while they're still conscious. Fish are often mutilated or crushed as they suffocate to death.”- R Madhavan (from Glass Walls)

Till last year, I have been killing animals as I please for my meals. But now, with the realization of my actions, I have been searching for some substitutes for meats.

Why kill them when you can have some vegetarian foods! Here are some substitutes for the meats and some animal produces that we consume as suggested by the great people around the world:

They generally act as a source of proteins, fat, cholesterol, minerals and vitamins. Those who follow vegetarian diet should take special care to make up the loss of protein from animal foods. A careful choice of vegetables can easily balance the protein and mineral loss from non-vegetarian sources. You should choose lot of colourful vegetables and fruits in your diet along with pulses, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

Generally the following would do as meat replacements/substitutes:
(as recommended and from around the web)
1.      Nuts; walnuts, peanuts, iron and almonds.
2.      Soy; Soy burgers, soy turkeys, soy bacon, soy chicken, soy hot dogs, and any other soy products.
3.      Bulgur wheat
4.      Eggplant
5.      Tofu
6.      Portobello mushrooms
7.      Legumes; beans, bean curds, peas and lentils of legume plants
8.      Seitan
9.      Hummus and
10.   Fruits.

Beef substitutes: wheat gluten, textured soy protein, tempeh (a barley product), tofu, etc…

Fish substitutes: tofu, mashed chickpeas, sea vegetables, and etc…

Pork substitutes: tofu, textured soy protein, tempeh, cutlets, beans and etc…

Chicken substitute: tofu, seitan, chickpeas, egg plants, and etc…

Egg substitutes: tofu, bananas, potato starch, pumpkin, ground flax seed, agar powder, yam flour, vegetables etc…

****At first, the taste and the overall dining experience seems strange and not good but as we proceed these vegetarian foods are as good as non-veg or even better depending upon how you prepare. The key thing is that the seasoning you add to any dish! It is not just the substitute but also the seasonings that you add on them.

And it has been discovered by many that vegetarian food is healthier and Vegetarians live a longer life! So best of luck to be one of them!!! Save the animals!!